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There are many reasons why you need to phone, email or text an ex boyfriend or ex husband. It can be his birthday the next day and you want to greet him in advance. It can also be an important business reminder that is purely out of your relationship scope – that is if you remained in contact after the break up and kept on doing neutral and civil things together. Finally, it can be just a simple form of greeting with the hope of him noticing you.

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So for whatever reason you will phone your ex for, make sure you do it sans the disaster of blowing your chance away. ‘Should I call my ex boyfriend‘ – it really depends on how and when you do it.

Should you decide to give your ex boyfriend a call, make it a point that you keep the following advices in mind. Remember, there’s no room for failure especially since we’re talking about a second chance:

1. Don’t fake it – be yourself!

Oh, girls like you can oftentimes fail on this part! Just so you know, men can easily detect if you’re plain nervous or insincere. They know if you’re reading a script while talking on the phone or uttering memorized lines. So enough with the pretention and uncover your mask. Be yourself! Say what you want to say, but never forget to say it from the heart. You are too amazing not to believe in yourself! And this awesomeness will surely reflect on how you carry yourself even while talking on the phone. So don’t fake it!

2. Remain calm and compose.

Should I call my ex boyfriend?’ Yes, but remember to calm and collect yourself first. This is very important as your voice will be the mere reflection of who you are at the moment. You may not have spoken to each other for a long time and now is NOT the time to kill the thrill. As he picks up the phone, greet him in your most calm and composed voice and talk normally. If he asks questions, answer it the way it should be answered. Don’t spill too much information. Make your answers brief.

3. Never make up stories!

If you decided to call you ex boyfriend, remember to stick with the facts and pure facts alone. Never make up stories just to impress him. There are women who will go out their way telling larger-than-life and all-made up stories just to get an ex’s attention. Wrong move! If you’re there to impress, then you shouldn’t have call him in the first place. You should have met him personally. So as a friendly advice, it is still best to keep your honesty intact. You will shine, believe it or not! An amazing and honest woman will always have an opportunity to shine and get noticed without even trying!

Should I call my ex-boyfriend?’ The answer is a simple, ‘Yes!’ It is never a fault to call someone whom you’ve been closed with, more so if he is your ex. The fact that you’ve shared a lot of good things together makes it more official for you to get in contact with him. So go on, pick up the phone and dial his number. But, remember to make use of the abovementioned tips shared in this article. Who knows, he might get back in your life again before you hang up the phone. In fact, there are probably people who manage to get their ex back after 2 years by initiating the contact.

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