Rachel Ray Interviews Michael Fiore – Author of Text Your Ex Back

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I want my ex boyfriend back now! What can I do? Will he come back to me after breaking up?’ Does this sound familiar? Have these sentences been said too many times? Maybe this longing keeps going around in your head. The love of your life had just broken up with you. That one special someone that you actually thought of spending the rest of your life with ends up your long term relationship.

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You already had plans of settling down in six years time. You even had decided how many children you want to have and you already listed their names. You wanted two boys and a girl, he agrees. But then he slipped away. He told you he doesn’t love you anymore and he wants to be single again because he misses the things he used to do when he didn’t have a girlfriend yet. And you’re torn, devastated and depressed. You know you want him back and are willing to do everything just to have him back.

I want my ex boyfriend back!’ You know you do. So here are four simple steps to make him want you back too. Keep in mind that you’re going to win him back no matter how long it takes, no matter what it takes and you’re willing to take extra efforts for that prize of having him around you again.

The first step is to give him space, making him try to forget you. The popular saying that absence make the heart grow fonder is true at some point. You know it’s true because you are going through it right now. Choose to be the stronger person and keep your distance from him for some time.

Disappearing from his life will make him miss you and start thinking about you. He will start to wonder what’s keeping you busy and what have you been up to all this time. During this time he will realize how much he loves you, how much he is missing and the fact that he belongs with you.

The second step is making him chase you. You’re done chasing. You’ve stopped begging and asking him to get back with you. Now, it’s his turn. Sometime after the break up, he will start contacting you and show interest in getting back together. At this point, you must play hard to get. Remember, he dumped you and he can do that again. Take some time and see what he’s really up to before hooking up again.

The third step is making him want you. You need to work on your physical look and be more attractive this time. Seeing you happy and stunning will surely make him forget why he broke up with you and come crawling back again.

And the last step is making him need you the way he did before. You can be that girl that he fell in love with. Be that person who gives him support and strength. Be available yet taken.

Now that you’ve read the steps, you are surely armed. And if ‘I want my ex boyfriend‘ is still running through your head, it’s time. Work on the strut and let him see what he’s been missing.

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