Rachel Ray Interviews Michael Fiore – Author of Text Your Ex Back

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If that ex boyfriend is still lingering in a girl’s mind every now and then, it means one thing she misses him. She is either missing the way he is when with her and the things they do together or she misses the girl she once was when he was with him. “I miss my ex boyfriend” this is what most ladies say after days, weeks, months and even 2 to 3 years after the break up. This is what’s on their minds even when their friends keep telling them to get over their ex bf and just move on.

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It is natural to miss an ex boyfriend once the relationship has ended, even after a year has passed. And most women experience the same feeling. But for some, the simple missing the ex boyfriend turns into longing of wanting to be around him again. And sometimes, the saying that distance make the love grow fonder seem to be true. These women just love their boyfriends so much that losing them made them realize that they have lost that once chance at true love and it hurts. And whoever feels this way should make an effort to try and win back that special person.

Here are some advices on what should be done to win the heart of the special someone once again. Since a girl has been in a relationship with a certain guy, she should know what type of person he is. She must know if the guy is open to reconciliations after break ups because if he isn’t there is no point in trying. But no matter how hopeless getting back with a former boyfriend is still probable. She mustn’t call any of his family members or friends to tell the “I miss my ex boyfriend.” Instead talk about him with someone who doesn’t know him at all.

Men care too much about their privacy and most of the time they would want their relationship matters and problems to be between them and their girlfriends. She must also avoid sharing private matters to a common friend because he’s going to know about it. They are going to tell. Keeping things private will make him see that she can still be trusted with important things and private matters. It might be difficult and the most absurd of all advices but now that a couple has broken up, she must cut any form of communication with him. It’s going to hurt at first but it will help her get her feet back on the ground and pull herself together. She must find that girl that he fell in love with in the very first place. And be much more than that. He will always see the changes and see what he’s been missing.

Once she had said “I miss my ex boyfriend,” and it still hurts, this means that it just not the right time to get him back. She should be emotionally stable before making a move. But, it is also the right thing to make him want her back too. Trust me. Getting him back is possible and does need a lot of effort. And it usually starts with fixing the self.

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