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When it comes to relationships, there is actually no real or specific formula for everything to work. Nevertheless, getting your ex boyfriend back has. And often, such methods will definitely make your ex come back in no time. If you’re all stuck in a recent break up and asking yourself how to win my boyfriend back, now is the time to take some action.

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How to Win My Boyfriend Back: The Things You Shouldn’t Do

When it comes to break ups, people usually commit mistakes. And, as you would agree, such mistakes are in fact, difficult to avoid. Perhaps it’s because break ups involve love and hatred. And this kind of feelings often causes people to act without much thinking. However, you can control yourself in doing those things that you’ll regret in the end. With this, here are the mistakes that you may want to avoid in trying to win him back:

1. Being all Desperate and Clingy

Begging and crying to your boyfriend wouldn’t help you get him back at all. Worse, you will just make your ex angry and aloof. Remember, nobody wants to be in a relationship with a clingy and desperate person. Put yourself in your boyfriend’s shoes, do you want your ex girlfriend to come crying and begging you to come back? Perhaps not, then you should not be doing such things. Winning your boyfriend back should not involve such desperate measures.

2. Emotional begging

This is largely connected to the first mistake and some people commit these two together. Most girls even beg and offer everything to their ex boyfriends just to get them back. The truth is, doing such things will not earn you any good results.

3. Revenge

Revenge of all sorts, like making your ex jealous or going out with his friends, will definitely bounce back to you in the end. That said, don’t go around and try to get even with your ex, because you’ll find that you’re only hurting yourself in the process.

4. Sleeping with your ex Boyfriend

If you really want to get your bf back, then this is something you should never do, especially when you still haven’t worked things out. Most guys think of sex as it is, without any meaning or feeling. Plus, it will make you cheap, both on your feelings and your boyfriend’s eyes. Also, sleeping with your ex boyfriend is not going to help you win him back from another woman.

5. Sending Numerous Text Messages and Emails

Sure, you want to talk to your man and try to win him back. However, texting or emailing him frequently will only harm your efforts. Postpone talking to him until you think that your calm enough to do so.

6. Acting Like Your Life Ended Because of the Break up

There were even people that succumb to suicide or incessant weeping. A few weeks of crying and being sad is enough. After that, pick up your emotions and be strong enough to win your boyfriend’s heart back. But remember, don’t give him the impression that your happiness depends solely on him. And that’s a rule you have to keep in mind if you want to know how to win my boyfriend back fast.

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