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Being confident matters when the issue is how to win your ex boyfriend back.  Let’s face it, men love strong girls, those who are sure of themselves inside out.   However, anyone who has just gone through a separation can certainly have a hard time being confident.  This is especially true if the guy is the one who broke up with the girl.  The situation can leave any damsel truly in distress.  It’s really more like a kick on the face.  So, how will you work? How to win him back after a break up when you barely have any confidence left?   In this article, let’s find the answers.

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Obviously, if the problem is the absence of confidence or its obliteration, the sensible thing to do is work on building it up again.  There will eventually come a time when you would bump into your ex somewhere and when that happens, you wouldn’t want to look all ugly and miserable right?  Of course, you would neither want to hide.  You did nothing wrong in the first place.

So, to prevent any of these nightmares from happening, it’s crucial that you work on your confidence.  You would need a lot of it especially when you chance upon your ex with another girl.  You have to make sure that when this day comes, all you would see is regret in his eyes for having let go of someone as precious as you. Sometimes, you need to learn how to get ex boyfriend back with psychology.

Tip # 1:  Pick yourself up and dust off

How to win him back and keep him has to start somewhere and it’s definitely when you start picking and dusting yourself off.  You can’t live your entire life crying like a baby and drinking like mad day and night.  You have to come to terms with what happened and start anew.

Tip # 2:  Improve your looks

Start a healthy diet and an exercise routine.  Work on your looks.  You may not be a beauty titlist, but you have the potential to look a lot better than you do now.  Bank on these potentials.  Learn how to highlight the good in you and hide the not-so.  Be as fit and sexy as you can be.  When your ex sees you, make sure that he’s going to take a second look.  Everything in you should scream that you’re doing more-than-alright.  Make him want you back again.  Although the physical is not the most important, no one can deny that it matters a lot too.  Besides, the better you look, the more confident you become.

Tip # 3:  Make the approach

If bumping into him is taking much longer than you thought, you may want to make the first approach.  Stage an “accidental” meeting by asking a common friend of his schedule.  More often, the moment exes see each other again, they can already tell when the spark is still there.  If it is, then this may be the official start of your project.  Be mindful in saying the right words.  Make sure that although nothing is blatantly expressed in the open, he knows that you are working on how to win him back after breaking up with him.

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