Rachel Ray Interviews Michael Fiore – Author of Text Your Ex Back

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Perhaps the most common advice you’d get on how to win back your ex boyfriend is by begging him to give you another chance.  This may sound easy, but not exactly effective.  In fact, many of those who tried this tactic failed.  Let’s face it, the running and the begging just don’t work on guys.  And most probably, it doesn’t work in girls as well.  Anyway, in this article, let’s talk about some unconventional tricks on how you can reconcile with your ex.

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First, you have to understand that it’s normal for ex couples to have regrets immediately after the breakup.  So there is always the possibility that he regrets breaking up with you. It means that it is highly likely that you are not the only one who wants a take-two.  However, this is also a very vulnerable period and when one is feeling emotionally weak, it’s often not the best time to make decisions.  Having said that, you can conclude that it’s not the best idea to get back with an ex right after separation; to take some time apart is the wise thing to do.

Your next step is to appear cool.  Let your ex know that you welcome the separation.  When you talk with common friends and he lands as a conversation topic, speak calmly and cordially.  If your ex was the one who broke up with you, this can be extra-challenging to do.  But, if you succeed, it could also be your key on how to win back your ex boyfriend after he dumps you.  Knowing about how mature you are in dealing with the separation may make him feel like taking his words back.  How could he have let someone as levelheaded go?

The third tactic is to stay active socially.  The world doesn’t stop when you sulk and go drunk because of a broken heart.  It continuous to turn around and the longer you dwell in the misery, the more you miss of life’s beauty.  You should pick yourself up and stay socially alive.  It would give you enough reason to prim up and be on top of your game.  It would also help divert your attention.  Next thing you know, you no longer think about him.  In fact, you may even meet someone new along the way.

Now, don’t get the impression that staying socially active is a good excuse to find a new man.  Keeping a healthy social life has been proven beneficial for both the spirit and the mind, with or without a partner.  Even if all you want is to get back with you ex, you should not take the benefits of going out with others for granted.  When you’re surrounded with great people, you become fantastic yourself.  Now, who wouldn’t want to reconcile with someone as fabulous, right?

Finally, the trick on how to win back your ex boyfriend quickly will involve the trick of improving yourself.  Instead of focusing too much on him, focus on ‘me’. Work on your health and your physique.  Looks matter, regardless of what they say.  The more you do for yourself, the more confident you become.  When you’re already more beautiful and self-assured, your ex would have a hard time saying no, for sure.

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