Rachel Ray Interviews Michael Fiore – Author of Text Your Ex Back

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So you’re hurting like crazy and you can’t think of anything but wanting to get back with your ex.  The world’s just not the same without him.  However, you are totally clueless of where to start.  Would you call?  Would you send him flowers?  In this article, let’s talk about the first three things you need to do on how to win back your boyfriend after a breakup.

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1) Take some time off.

Maybe it’s a surprise to hear that the first thing you should do is take a time off when all you want is reconcile with your ex.  Actually, this is the most sensible thing to do.  While being in a relationship is delightful to some extent, it also robs you off some time with other things you love to do.  Now that you’re single, you have all the time to make up for this.  Visit some old friends or go to places you always wanted to visit.  This will not only help you forget the hurt but also clear your head.

Remember that the breakup happened for a reason.  Taking a time off can help you re-evaluate what just transpired and whether winning him back is really the wise thing to do.  Sometimes, girls act on their impulse.  If you have ever done this before, you know that it’s not exactly a good choice.  When you give yourself enough time to ponder, you can come up with a much better solution to win back your boyfriend’s heart.

2) Control yourself from making a contact.

Perhaps you may find yourself asking, ‘Should I contact my ex boyfriend?’ Well, if you are wondering how to win back your boyfriend, it will eventually require you to make contact.  However, it’s not one of the first things you should do after a breakup or after a fight.  While taking some time off, you would probably feel like calling your ex or simply running back to him; you should not do this.  Learn how to fight the urge.  Make him think that you’re cool with the separation.  Running after him may just repel him.  This is especially true if he was the one who broke up with you.  Wait for several weeks before you make any move.

3) Create a plan.

How to reconcile with your ex boyfriend? Getting back with an ex is often not as simple as one, two, three.  Many girls can attest that it can be one of the greatest challenges in their lives.  As been mentioned already, the separation happened for a reason.  If you want reconciliation, the primary thing you have to do is see to it that the same problem won’t happen again.  You need to make a plan on how to get your ex boyfriend back.  More importantly, you have to think of how you are going to make the first approach.  Are you asking a friend for help?  Are you doing everything on your own?

Creating a plan on how to win back your boyfriend quickly is crucial because it will fool-proof your efforts.  When you carefully consider all your steps, your chances of succeeding will increase.  You know your ex pretty well.  If there’s anyone who can tell what would tickle or make him give in, it’s you.  Bank on this.

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