Rachel Ray Interviews Michael Fiore – Author of Text Your Ex Back

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Losing a boyfriend is never easy. Losing a fiance is doubly hard. You have already made a promise to marry this person and spend the rest of your life with him, and suddenly, for one reason or another, the wedding is off. You are horrified, heartbroken, and trying not to entitle your To-Do list ‘How to Get My Fiance Back‘. Some people can successfully walk away from tragedies like this and go on with their lives. But it’s perfectly understandable if you are thinking of trying to get your fiance back. Before anything else, shield you heart from further pain by thinking the following questions through:

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You are probably asking yourself, ‘My fiance dumped me and left me. Can I get my fiance back after he broke up with me?’ But first, do you really want to make the effort? The reason for the break-up is essential to answering the question.

If you broke up because of a petty fight over wedding details, then that’s probably more workable than if you broke up because one of you realized that you don’t want to get married at all. The fact that you broke up most probably means that there are deep-seated issues in the relationship. Are these solvable? In other words, do you still have something to save? If yes, then that is good. Move on to the next question. If not, simply move on.

Second, although you are haunted by thoughts of how to get my fiance back, what about him? Does he even still care about you?  Try to evaluate his behavior. Is he kind and considerate? Does he treat you with respect? If you answered yes to these questions, then there might still be hope. You might still have a place in his life.  Aside from his behavior, you must also look at the reason for the breakup. Was it about a woman? If it was, has he ended the affair or is it ongoing? If it is ongoing, then perhaps it is the wrong time to be thinking of getting back with him. Perhaps it wrong to be thinking about it at all.

Third, are you really doing yourself a favor by trying to reconcile with him? You might miss him, but is having him back in your life the best thing for you?  If he is abusive and fight all the time, you are better off without him. You must be kind to yourself, above all else. On the other hand, if he is a good person who takes care of you, makes you happy and encourages you to pursue your dreams, then he is a keeper. He is worthy of your efforts and your commitment.

Try to be honest to yourself in answering these questions, which are even more important than how to get my fiance back. The purpose of these questions is not to be harsh but to let you examine your relationship with this man with open eyes. If you like what you see and believe that you have something worthwhile with him, then go ahead and try to save it. After all, nothing should get in the way in the way of your personal pursuit of happiness.

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