Rachel Ray Interviews Michael Fiore – Author of Text Your Ex Back

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Have you always asked yourself, how to get my ex boyfriend back if he dumped me? Then it’s time for you to do something in order to get him back into your life. It is hard to let go somebody especially if you feel like he’s already the one. There’s an empty space in your heart that is only reserved for him. Fortunately, there’s a way to get him back into your arms.

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If you want to know how to get my ex boyfriend back now, then you have to know what to do in order to get him to want to be in a relationship with you. That sounds complicated but it will work. In getting an ex back, you should make him think that he’s the one who want to get you and not the other way around. That is why begging him to return your affection is highly discouraged. It will never work and he won’t respect you for it. In order to play the game right, you must know how to act in such a way that will lure him back.

Once you see him after the break up, try as much as possible to smile at him. Try to control that desperation to go and beg for him to get you back. That is one thing that men don’t like. Don’t act as if you didn’t see him too. That will just widen the already existing gap. What you need to do is to treat him like a friend. Smile and greet him. Try to ask how he is. He will be more curious than ever about you.

If for example he is with another girl, try to act as natural as possible. Smile to the girl he’s with too. Ask how she is as well as your ex boyfriend. Do not turn away and hide. It may be painful to see him dating another girl but this is a great opportunity for him to realize what he’s missing. Maybe he will even regret breaking up with you and dumping you. Maybe he will regret leaving the relationship. The girl he’s dating will also grow curious about you. Make sure that you are very presentable if ever you do come across them.

You also have to make a good impression to his friends. Guys often gather when drinking or watching sports. Sometimes they talk about women too. If you make a good impression to them, by being friendly and approachable, they just might tell your ex about you. Though he doesn’t solely rely on his friends, he still values their opinion. If they have high regards about you, then it is most likely that your ex boyfriend will do too.

Knowing how to get my ex boyfriend back if he ignored me takes time and patience. You have to know how to give the right signal without assuring him that you are still dead over heels in love with him. Of course, you also have to know how to maintain mysterious no matter how intimate you’ve been before. Remember that once you are dating again; learn how to be unavailable sometimes. Knowing how to get my ex boyfriend back fast is not enough because you also have to be consistent and patient until he’s back to your arms.

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