Rachel Ray Interviews Michael Fiore – Author of Text Your Ex Back

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If you want to know how to get my boyfriend back fast, then it’s time for you to start doing something to catch his eyes. Perhaps you are constantly asking yourself, ‘I still love my ex boyfriend what should I do?’

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Well, it is no secret just how difficult it is to let him go especially when you still love him very much. You miss him a lot and it hurts. You often dream of him every night.  You also daydream about what the two of you would have been doing right now if you didn’t break up. If you really want him back in your life, stop your self-pity and actually start doing something productive.

Knowing how to get my boyfriend back after he broke up with me is not enough if you are not consistent. So once you start winning back his affection, you have to be consistent with it. You may be scared of getting rejected again but it is better that you tried than forever wonder if it would have worked out. You need to start having confidence in yourself that you can get him back. Just don’t be overly confident because he might not take it as a positive thing. Follow these three simple tips in order to win back his heart:

1) Love yourself and be accomplished.

Most women, once in a relationship, often forget to take care of themselves and their dreams. Guys want women who have dreams. Be independent and busy. You have to take care of yourself and prove to him that you are worth being with. Remember to take care of your physical and emotional self.

2) Make him notice you in a good way.

Try to look presentable and attractive without going over the top. It is good to attend events or go to the places where he also goes. Just don’t do this every day because he’ll think you are stalking him. Try to make him notice you by being sociable to others. He’ll most likely feel competitive if he sees other guys trying to catch your attention. Don’t flirt too much though. That might just turn him off.

3) If ever he asks you out for a date, treat it as if it’s a first date.

Don’t sleep with him afterwards and just give him a peck on the cheeks before saying good bye. Keep a part of yourself mysterious in order to keep him guessing. Make sure to not go out with him every time he asks you. You must act busy sometimes. This will make him want to be with you more. Don’t start freaking out if it takes time for him to call. If ever he did phone you back, sound friendly and not overly excited.

Follow these simple steps on how to get my boyfriend back. Please remember that you must be consistent all the way. Some women, once they think they already got it in the bag, will continue going out on a date with their ex until the novelty wears off. Some of them will sleep with their ex boyfriend just to get them back. This is one of the worst ways on how to get my boyfriend back. Remember to play your cards well and make him think that it is he, who wants help to get you back and not the other way around.

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