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If what you’re looking for are ways on how to win your ex boyfriend back, you can surely find a lot of tips online.  Most of them would consist of the should dos.  In this article, let’s veer away from the usual and discuss what NOT to do when your concern is how to get him back after a break up.

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1) Begging

While begging may work for some girls, the same tactic just doesn’t work with men.  Guys don’t like girls who plead.  If you are wondering how to make ex boyfriend come crawling back, being clingy is not going to help. This is especially true when the guys are the ones who ended the relationship.  Sure, some men may find their exes pitiful, but it will still not lead to a take-two.  In the rare occasion that it does, the guy may eventually realize that he made the wrong choice and just breakup with the girl again.  Now, you wouldn’t want to be stuck in the mud the second time around, would you?  Please, don’t beg!

2) Blaming

So some girls don’t beg, however, they blame!  They love pointing fingers at their exes, thinking that they may induce guilty feelings and make them come back.  However, this trick is also a big flop.  Even if your ex did something wrong, the last thing he needs is someone rubbing it right on his face.  He knows his mistakes and he doesn’t need a reminder.

3) Stalking

Stalking is absolutely not a good idea if your concern is how to get him back fast and running.  If you do this, you’re probably going to scare your ex away even further.  While some girls may like it when guys tail them, especially during courtships or after a love quarrel, it’s a different story among guys.  Real men like to deal with things on their own.  They certainly have no use for girls following them like dogs.  If anything, they want to be left alone, or perhaps go out with other male friends.  When they see you tailing around, chances are they’d get pissed off.

4) Making him jealous

If you think that your ex was stupid, then by all means, use this trick on him.  However, if he’s a sensible man, then making him jealous is a big no-no.  This will merely tell him how bitter you are over the separation.  Girls who immediately date someone else after a break up and flaunt their new guys’ faces to the crowd are hopeless.  They are immature and insecure.  It’s like announcing to the world that they can’t live without a man.  Who would want to date such girl?

5) Playing totally careless of others

You can’t learn the secret on how to get him back after pushing him away if you are totally careless of what others have to say.  You can’t get over this difficult period alone.  You need help.  While you may want to face problems on your own, it won’t hurt to hear what friends and family have to say.  They may be the ones who can help you realize things, including those which can help get your ex boyfriend back.  Trust them.  They may have the key you’ve long been searching for.

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