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If your boyfriend has broken up with you and you are mulling on how to get boyfriend back after break up, here’s the answer. Your approach depends on whether or not he answers you when you try to contact him. If he doesn’t, then you must try to give him some space and win him back subtly. However, if he does answer your calls or texts, and he seems to be interested in keeping the dialogue between you open, you may try the straightforward approach. This approach should be used with caution. It is one thing to be straightforward and quite another to be persistent. There is also a fine line between trying to get him back and stalking.

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The first thing to do is to soften him up. You want him back and don’t want to play any games, so let him know how you feel. Before asking him if he can take you back, soften him up by sending him flowers with an “I’m sorry” card or a big batch of cookies. He’ll recognize the gesture as an effort on your part to reach out.

At the same time, you respect that he might want to receive your apologies from a distance. This way, you are apologizing, but you are not applying any pressure. He can choose to make the next move or not.

How to get boyfriend back after he dumped you? The other side of your action plan is being sensitive to your boyfriend’s feelings. Read the signals that he gives out. After you send him the flowers, does he call you to thank you? Does he signal that he is ready for a more serious conversation? If not, then back away, but if he does, you’re a lucky girl. This is your chance to ask him if he would be willing to meet up. Tell him that you want to apologize in person.

If he agrees to meet to talk, that is a good sign that he might still want to work things out. However, don’t get your hopes up right away. Do what you said you would do – apologize for whatever it is that you did wrong. Tell him that you want to do what it takes to work on this problem. Be sincere. Don’t just say things to get him back. That is not how you want to start your relationship again.

How to get boyfriend back after he broke up with you? Let him talk too. Most probably, you have been asking yourself, ‘Does he still want to be with me? Is it a yes or a no?’ Find out if he still wants you back. Now you’ll see if your plan is working. Be honest with him, but be honest to yourself too. Don’t just hear what you want to hear. If he says he wants to move on, then let him. At least he knows where you stand. Don’t beg him to get back together with you because that will only make him want you less. You might not be able to forgive yourself later on when you remember yourself begging. Breakups are difficult, but you can still leave with your dignity intact. Let that be enough for now. There are better things in your future.

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