Rachel Ray Interviews Michael Fiore – Author of Text Your Ex Back

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Girls are more emotional than boys are. So when in a relationship, the ladies usually put too much emotion that when their men decide to leave, they are left stunned after that. Because of this, they tend to ask their friends on ‘how to get back my ex boyfriend fast?’ But ladies have to remember that when a break up is still fresh the possibility of having an ex boyfriend back is just impossible.

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Couples break up because there are some things that need fixing. And some of these things need to be fixed on an individual basis. So, if a heart broken lady wants her ex boyfriend back, there are some things about herself that she needs to reflect to and work out on for a sure win. As most people, someone had to love herself first before she can love someone else. Once, she had finished fixing herself, it is now time to make some moves to get that ex boyfriend back.

The following are advice and tips on how to get back my ex boyfriend that will surely lead him to running back to that one girl who made him feel really special. If she and ex boyfriend used to hang out in the same place, there is a higher probability that they will be seeing each other again at that place now that they have broken apart. When that happens, she should try to avoid him or to keep distance from him.

If he ever tries to talk with her, she should keep the conversation simple so she wouldn’t sound too excited to talk to him. She must also refrain from telling him how much she wants him because that will only drive him away, and maybe he’ll leave for good. She can also ask some friends to pick her up. That will surely keep him wondering where she went and what she has done with her friends. Or she can leave without saying goodbye which will surely drive him crazy. She can also show him how happy she is even without him.

If he ever sends her a message, she shouldn’t answer right away or if the message demands an answer, she should keep it simple and short. On the other hand, if ever he calls, she should the conversation within two minutes then she can give him an excuse to put the phone down. She should never make the first move to talk to him online, to send a text message or to call him. She can also remember the things that he liked her for when he first met her. She must recall on the things that they used to do when she was not into him yet.

The best tip on how to get back my ex boyfriend now is that she should always look at her best. Men always want the things that they can’t have in an instant. These things drive them crazy. She should act up like she doesn’t care about him anymore. She should be laid back and mysterious. And these will surely make him come running or even crawl back to her. Trust me. Getting a boyfriend back may not be guaranteed but there is still a chance even after one year.

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