Rachel Ray Interviews Michael Fiore – Author of Text Your Ex Back

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You’ve been hurt and you want to know how to get a boyfriend back after a break up in order to feel that lost love once again. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy winning back a man’s heart after he breaks up with you. There are old wounds that need to be healed and there are changes that must be made. Getting back with an ex is not that easy if you won’t do anything to accomplish the task. You have to inspire something back in him in order to remind him how it feels to fall in love with you again.

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In order to get an ex boyfriend back after he broke up with you, there are ineffective ways that must be avoided. Begging directly or indirectly is one sure way of turning him off. No guy wants a girl who would sink so low as to beg for love or affection. He shouldn’t go back to you because of pity or sympathy. When getting him back, it is important to get his love and admiration. You can get this by not begging or pleading for him to come back. Here are the 5 effective ways on how to get a boyfriend back into your arms:

1) Do not act desperate.

Going crazy on him is not going to work. A woman who is very desperate after a breakup is very obvious. This kind of behavior will only turn men off. So as much as possible, do not consistently ask his friends about his whereabouts or call his place every night to check if he’s home or if he is with another girl. This will make you look like you are chasing him and a man prefers to chase deserving women and not the other way around.

2) Be sincere and friendly.

Do not overly pretend to be unaffected by what happened just to prove that you’re strong and that you’ve moved on. If they think that you don’t care anymore, any hope that he will go back to you will vanish. Be friendly with him when he’s there. Make him feel comfortable and at ease when with you so that he won’t run away from you.

3) Men prefer to be with women who are a challenge to get.

That makes it more rewarding for them. If you want to know how to get guy back into your life, then you have to make him think it is he who wants to get you back.

4) Change what has to be changed.

Were you overly jealous and possessive? Were you flirting too much with other boys? Do you lack the time to spend with him? What made him leave you? You don’t have to change instantly. Do it gradually.

5) Be mysterious and stay mysterious.

Men love mysteries. Be somebody interesting to be with. You may have been with your boyfriend before so it is important to make him realize that there is something more about you. Keep him interested and coming back for more.

These 5 effective tips are the answers to your question to get a boyfriend back. Remember that you can’t get him back instantly. It takes time, effort and consistency. Remember that there are a lot of other advice out there on how to get a boyfriend back fast but if you are not going to consistently do it then it will just be useless.

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