Rachel Ray Interviews Michael Fiore – Author of Text Your Ex Back

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You’ve been through a lot – breakup after breakup and you just have to say, ‘Stop!’ Now, you’re starting to think if there’s something wrong with you. There is, at some point, but remember that it’s not always your fault. Now, people who are dealing with the same plight as yours are beginning to ask the question, how do you get your ex boyfriend back if he broke up with you? Truth is, there are no established rules to get back with an ex boyfriend. Sometimes, all it takes is to be true to oneself, a little bit of both planning and action and the rest for fate to do its part.

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If you’re going to focus on the second one which is planning and taking actions, know that there are lots of things you can do to make your ‘ex boyfriend back together with me’ goal possible. You may have come across different kinds of love advices and tips, but the following are a step by step procedure to finally get your man back.

Step # 1 Make an effort to fix the root cause  or top reason of the break up.

Breaking up is not without reasons. Breakups won’t happen in the first place if there isn’t a big deal triggering partners to split up. So right before it ruins what’s left of the relationship, try to settle it immediately. You and your boyfriend may have broken up for the reason of not having enough time for each other. If this is the case, then begin resolving the issue by sacrificing other things just to make time for him. Of course, you will need some time to do this since you’re no longer called lovers. To put simply, in order to get your ex back, you must assure him that lack of time won’t be a problem the second time around.

Step # 2 Talk things out with your man.

The perfect time to do this is while the both of you are in the midst of resolving the issue or right after the break up depending on each other’s mood. However, it is best that you let things cool down at the moment before tackling the issue again. Both of you are probably heartbroken and a couple of days or weeks will help in clearing up both of your minds. How do you get your ex boyfriend back fast? It is important that you know when to talk and air your side and when no to. Men hate a talking machine for a girlfriend, more so if you’re only an ex girlfriend. So, talk things out with him but know when to do it without turning him off, forever.

Step # 3 Make promises – but don’t forget to fulfill it.

How do you get your ex boyfriend back? What do you say to your ex boyfriend to get him back? Make promises and don’t fail this time. If you promise to be more loving and understanding of him, plus be less jealous of his work and friends, then you have to walk your talk. Women love promising something yet most of them tends to create empty promises. Therefore, you should be a woman of words, so your being true to what you say will likewise rub off to your man. It is possible to get your boyfriend back even if its long distance.

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