Rachel Ray Interviews Michael Fiore – Author of Text Your Ex Back

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The fight just goes on and on, and you’ve finally decided to call it quits and part ways. What a sad ending! This sad reality happens to people from all walks of life. It just happens and the next thing you know, a major change suddenly took over your entire life. How do I get my ex boyfriend back for good if he dumped me, you begin to ask. The answer: You can get him back if you know how to make things work to your advantage.

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A lot has been said about getting an ex boyfriend back now, but only few are known to be proven ways. As you begin your quest to finally stumble upon the best way to get your ex back, you can start by reviewing some tips and advices provided by this article. Let’s get to know these steps one by one:

1. Learn to forgive and forget

This isn’t the simplest thing to do. There will be times when you feel like you’re always at the losing end. You may be at fault at some point in the relationship and your partner as well, but you have to remember that you can never go on without learning how to forgive and forget. Forgiving and forgetting allows a person to love more. So if you really want to get back with your ex, you must simply learn to disregard the past mistakes. Shortcomings are part of every relationship’s journey and no one is exempted. It’s only how you come through from those flaws will you become worthy of your ex’s love. So go on, assure your ex that you can both start together anew sans reliving past issues.

2. Don’t make every single thing a big deal.

How do I get my ex boyfriend back after I broke up with him?’ Simple! Don’t make big fuzz out of nothing. Just because your boyfriend talks with a new girl on the block doesn’t mean he’s already cheating. Most women often fall for this very simple gesture. They often think that their men are flirting all because of a simple talk. If you want to get back with your ex boyfriend, you should learn not to generalize a simple scene into a full blown act of cheating. Trust your man and he will definitely not let you down.

3. Recognize and accept his being a ‘man’.

Men adore women who recognize and accept their being men. Their being playful, their love to being in the company of friends, cars, clubs, alcohol and other sorts of “men thing”. They’re guys and they’re totally different from all the “girly stuff” like gossips, clothes and make-up. So, learn to embrace this fact! They may have totally different preferences but once they love a woman, it sure means they’re serious. So it is best that you give yourself a chance to understand all these. Don’t lose every waking opportunity to discover something new in him. ‘How do I get my ex boyfriend back? I want him to fall in love with me again!’ Embrace his individuality and whole being. He’s a guy and will always be.

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