Rachel Ray Interviews Michael Fiore – Author of Text Your Ex Back

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The problem with most people is that they keep on dealing with the negative facet of the breakup. Of course you have to deal with this reality for some time. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forever be clinging to the feeling of being left alone. ‘Can I get my ex boyfriend back? Will I be able to get him to miss me?’ – You’ve provably heard these question a million times from women who seem to lose their elements when love departs. So to ease those worries away, women, listen up! You can get your ex boyfriend back, even if it is after a year, if you fix yourself first. Want to know how? Let’s count the ways:

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1. Fix your physical look.

This may not have a strong connection why you broke up with your man, but fixing your look will make a good contribution. Looking and feeling good with yourself plays a very important role in rebuilding your relationship. If you look good, you begin to have a different outlook in life. You begin to love life and embrace it with your whole being. When this happens, you will also learn to love more and give this love to your ex. It may not happen in an instant, but it’s always good to have such fresh starters.

2. Fix your mental outlook.

If you can’t get enough of asking the question, ‘Can I get my ex boyfriend back‘, then you have to realize that more than just asking entails change. And that change must be visible on how you think and make decisions. You may lack understanding and consideration when you were still together with your ex, so now is the time to think things over. You should give yourself the chance to change your outlook in life, and perception about genuine love will follow. The change will not come in a snap of a finger, but allowing yourself to go through the change in phases will create a big difference once you get back in the relationship.

3. Fix your emotions.

Show some love! The reason why there are break ups is because one or both partners fail to renew their love on a daily basis. Loving someone entails showing greater compassion as the day goes by. Love doesn’t stop the moment you become lovers. It has to grow! So if you think your emotions have been stuck, try to fix it by learning to love yourself more at the outset, and then your partner. Because it is by loving oneself can a person show genuine love to his significant other all the more.

4. Fix your relationship with your ex.

Once you’ve finally fixed everything in your life, the final yet not the least thing that you can do is to fix unsettled issues with your ex. ‘Can I get my ex boyfriend back fast’ might be a hanging question, but be confident that you will get him back soon as you let him know that you’re a changed woman now and that you’re ready to further change for the better just to be called a ‘couple’ again. Getting him back is possible. In fact, a well written letter may also help.

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