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So you want to have him back after breaking up? How can I get my boyfriend back after a breakup? This question is frequently asked by those who have loved and experienced heartaches. There are many possible reasons why break up happens but that is not going to be the topic of this article.

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Here, you will be presented with ways on how to get back with your ex boyfriend. It’s not going to be easy, honestly speaking. But if you believe that you have the power to get your relationship back to its normal and happy state, it’s not going to be impossible.

Getting an ex boyfriend back entails the consideration of many different factors. Of course, before making the move, you have to ask yourself the reason why you want to get back with your ex. Is it because of love or the need to have a person whom you can call a boyfriend? Love and need are two different feelings. They can be mixed together, but in due time, one will be more dominant than the other. Therefore, you have to contemplate if you really love or just need this man in your life.

The words that follow are few proven advice to get an ex boyfriend back. Remember, these advices are not limited to other things you also deem effective to finally have him back in your life.

1. The relationship has to go on.

Of course, you’re no longer lovers and you don’t have any right to call it a sweet partnership. But in order for you to gain this label once more, you have to make a steady relationship with your guy even as friends – for the moment. In short, the relationship ended, but not the friendship. Your friendship will be the sole foundation for the both of you to get back again. So the question, ‘Can I get my boyfriend back together with me’ will only be answered by maintaining the friendship. In stages, you will get you want – to have him back in your arms again. Of course, if your boyfriend left you for another girl and you want to win him back from her or you want to make him jealous, that will be a different story altogether.

2. Have a break!

If you think friendship isn’t possible at the moment, then another option is to give your ex boyfriend some time to be alone. This is very important as you will give him more time to think about what happened. In the same course, you will also have substantial time to reflect on your relationship. This is not going to be easy, but if you really want him back, you should also allow him to be free for a while.

3. Admit your feelings for him.

It will not make you a lesser being if you admit that you still love him. Honesty can make a gloomy relationship shine once more. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple, “I still love you” to get the relationship back in its normal phase again. Sometimes that is all you need to say. Can I get my boyfriend back? Sure you can! But only if you will be bold and honest enough to admit that you still have feelings for him. The initiative may come from you, but it really doesn’t matter so long as you are honest with him, and most importantly, with yourself.

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